10 House Plants that Completely Snuck Up on You

It has come to our attention that a shady group of plants (or creepers) are using their super stealth to scare and sneak up on people from all walks of life... These are their stories...

Sneaky Creeper

"I was reading my newspaper when the plant just... just... I can't... it was too shocking."

Business Horticultural

"One second I was working, the next, my computer was gone and in its place was that plant that my boss made me bring to work..."

Green Power

"We left the office for Labor day, and when we got back the plants had completely taken over..."


"I woke up from a nap and the plant was just... there... staring at me..."

Dog Weed

"Rex... one minute he was the happiest dog in the world, the next... the plants had him..."

Personal Space

"I waited in my bed and pretended to read, hoping that the plant would fall asleep so I could escape... Before too long he was sneaking up the stairs..."


"Stay still, their vision is based on motion."

Bush; Shrub

"Don't see these guys around much anymore. Coincidence?"

"A house plant's favorite prey: the lame duck"

You Can't Shrub the Trump

"Can you feel that phantom touch on your shoulder, Donald?"

Oliver Cox

Oliver Meredith Cox or Oli-C as he's known on the Welsh hip hop scene (hopty-hip, in Welsh), hails from Powys, Wales, and has been a part of L&T from the very beginning..